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Colors Cards Line

For the best manufacturers of colour cards

WHAT IS IT: The "Colour Card System" is a set of products specifically formulated for the coating of paper in the production of color cards and colour fans for application by spray, continuous spreading method (over whole paper or strips) or by direct laying-up process.

The system is made up of an unique series of 34 concentrated dyes at a constant standard yield, mixed at a given ratio with 5 vehicles: two vehicles are one-component nitro based (Nitroflex Gloss and Nitroflex Matt) performing particularly reduced drying times, good gloss and surface hardness; two other vehicles are one-component acrylic based (Acriflex Gloss and Acriflex Matt) providing a total absence of yellowing and a good level of gloss; another vehicle is a two-component polyurethane-polyester based (Superflex), performing exceptional levels of brilliancy (95 gloss) and unequalled characteristics of flexibility. Each of the five products obtained can be supplied in the readymix version on request.
Our system also inclueds 8 metallic grains RNZ , 15 pearlescent pigments RNZ , 6 xirallic pigments RNZ and 24 extra pigments RNZ on matt base overcoatable with a Superflex HG polyacrylic transparent varnish absolutely non-yellowing and of outstanding gloss (105 gloss) for the production of colour cards fo the automotive sector.

The "Colour Card System” has been tested and improved over a supply period of thirty years by leading companies of this sector; all products are always available in stock in 3 kg packaging for the concentrated dyes and in 25 - 200 - 1000 kg for the vehicles.
The paints obtained from the mixing of the different concentrated dyes with the vehicles allow to obtain outstanding finishes complying to any type of application or equipment used by customers, be it by spreading method, spray, strips or by direct laying-up process.

CHARACTERISTICS: The colours obtained by combining a UNIQUE series of concentrated dyes to the five different vehicles provide particular final physical characteristics depending on the chemical matrix of the product but all with exceptional flexibility, scratch resistance, excellent coverage and a soft silky appearance for the matt version and extra bright per gloss version with absolute absence of yellowing both for the gloss and matt Acriflex and Superflex version.

The concentrated dyes contain selected pigments supplied by the best world raw material producers (Basf, Clariant and Bayer) ensuring excellent coverage, maximum colour stability facilitating colour matching with the use of spectrophotometer in the first weighing step for 90% of formulations and with just a single modification in the remaining 10% of formulations.

BENEFITS: The use of just a single colour range compatible with the five vehicles, dosed in a sole mixing plant, gives important synergies: e.g. reduces warehouse stock with product and space savings, reduces waste disposal costs of empty containers as well as the warehouse product load for fire regulations.

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