Epoxi A1

Epoxi A1


Code: 3S0000

Epoxy A/1 is a two-component, non-toxic solvent-free epoxy coating. It should be applied at a thickness of 200-250 microns per coat on steel, cement and fibreglass surfaces after previous adequate preparation of the substrate. Epoxy A/1 is recommended for the coating of tanks contining foodstuff ( e.g. drinking water, wine, milk, alcoohol, bier, animal and vegetal oils) or containing oil products, gasoline etc. The paint film obtained with EPOXY A/1 is sterilized after complete drying and curing for 4 hours at 120°


Steel, Cement / New substrate. It is recommended the application of a suitable primer  e.g. EPOFOND AM-9. Overcoat then with 1-2 coats of EPOXY A1.

Steel, Cement / Previously coated substrate.  Remove all loose and flaking old paint from the substrate.  Degrease with solvent. It is recommended the application of a suitable primer  e.g. EPOFOND AM-9. Overcoat then with 1-2 coats of EPOXY A1.

Binder type A Epoxy resin
Binder type B Amines
Code & colour A 3S1174 White - 3S0000 Red
Code & colour B 8ZEPA1
Specific gravity kg/lt (±0,05) 1.800 (A) - 1.000 (B)
Solids content (weight) ±2 100%
Solids content (volume) ±2 100%
Viscosity Ford ø 8 at 20°C ±2 Tixotropico
Shelf life +23°C (±2) 30 months in unopened cans
Viscosity Ford (Ø4 a 20°C) Tixotropic
Application Brush-Roller-Spray
Mixing ratio A+B by weight 100 parts Sol.A with 25 Sol.B by weight
Pot life A+B (20°C) Use mixture within 30-50 minutes
Brush-Roller Ready for use or thinned w3% with
Spray Ready for use or thinned w3% with
Touch dry 3 hours
Recoat time 12-24 hours
Application temperature Between +10 C and +40 C
Relevant humidity Less than 80%
Dry film thickness advised 200 microns per coat
Theoret. coverage m2/Lt 2 - 2,3 m2/Kg

Colors: ROSSO OX
Color code: 3S0000

Colors: BIANCO
Color code: 3S1174


Before starting paint application please carefully read all the safety precautions indicated on the label of each can or in the product safety data sheet available on request. For further information please do not hesitate to contact our technical staff.


The above information is given to the best of our current knowledge, however, because the conditions of use of our products are beyond our control, no warranty is given or to be implied in respect of such information. Our technical staff can be contacted to study customer's specific requirements involving our products in order to enable their most effective use. Dilution rates and drying times must be considered only indicative, mainly related to a temperature of 20 ° C (68°F) and may vary according to prevailing temperature, in presence of particular weather conditions or depending on application procedures.